Submissions to the 6th Changing Perspectives Film Festival Continue

Submissions to the 6th Changing Perspectives Film Festival Continue

As the world’s only “take-a-way” film festival, Changing Perspectives Film Festival continues to screen the films of young filmmakers, at alternative venues across the world. So far, many films have been screened in cities such as Sofia, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oldenburg, Tallinn, Madrid, Leipzig, Yogyakarta, São Paulo.

Initiated by Katadrom Arts and Culture and Social Politics Association, the sixth edition of the festival will be held between April 10-15, 2018 in İstanbul. And the screenings will continue throughout 2018 in Berlin, Yogyakarta, Vancouver, and New York City.

2018 theme is “Wild”

Each year, the festival focuses on a social issue at hand. And “Wild” was selected as this year’s theme, in order to share the impressions of the filmmakers who deal with urban wildlife and wildlife in nature, the cities and their guests, human impact on the environment and wildlife. Some of the previous themes of the festival included Stranger, Identity, Border, and Utopia.

The Festival will screen more than 100 short films under eight titles: Wild: Environment and wildlife in all aspects. Cultural Insights: Different cultural perspectives and lifestyles. Exchange Experience: The change itself, its idea and practices, Ridicule: Humorous and absurd side of life. Purple Portraits: The stories and experiences of strong women. Umbrella: Against all sorts of alienation and discrimination. Kaleidoscope: Films centering on children. So Far, So Close: The past and nostalgia.

Feature Films Included!
Along with short films, a selection of 2018’s hit Turkish feature films will also be screened at the festival.

Hosted by “SALT Galata” and “SUPA”
The screenings will be held at SALT Galata Auditorium, and SUPA will host other festival events.

All screenings are free of charge.

Films can be submitted via

Submission Deadline: February 16, 2018

Please visit or for more information.

The 6th International Changing Perspectives Film Festival
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