Katadrom, is founded as a platform in 2010 by a group of film makers, festival organizers, photographers, designers, writers, journalists, expats, national and  international students with the motivation to have a common ground for their collective and single creative moves at a cross-cultural level by using audio-visual medias and cinema. In 2012 Katadrom became an association by the name of “The Katadrom Arts, Culture and Social Politics Association” with the main aim to stimulate cultural appreciation and integration through the support of artistic and cultural creativity in all its expression and to encourage dialogue among communities

Katadrom had and has been having many volunteers and interns mostly from Germany as well from France, Italy, Turkey, USA, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Ukraine, Syria and  Ireland.


Has been organizing International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival (https://icpsff.com) for four years with a an international team of interns and volunteers and encourages them to organize events for cinema and new audiovisual technologies as well as make their own short films.

is one of the partners of “Cine-Train Film Workshops for Educators” supported by EU Grundtvig Fund and partnered by Kyrnea International, A Ba Quo and Moviemento, in Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Istanbul between 2013-2015.  It is an international audiovisual workshop program for educators working in all fields of adult education. Participants are taught to produce videos and learn how to use cinema and audiovisual in their educational work. More than 100 people attended to the workshops as participants in which 33 short films have been created.https://cinetrainproject.com/about/

Organized  projects  “Common Grounds From the Past”, “Between War and Peace – German-Turkish Relationships Then and Today” and Youth summer camps together with ASF (Action Reconciliation for Peace) within the Erasmus+, Youth Mobility Program. Participants made short documentaries about their experiences.

Attended Young European Film Forum for Cultural Diversity (yeff2015.eu) as one of the partners http://www.yeff2015.eu/language/en/about/.

Organized Turkish Independent Film Screening for three years in Istanbul.

Is partner of City-Link  2016 http://city-link.org/

Co-organized some editions of International Crime and Punishment Film Festival, International Malatya Film Festival, Randevous Istanbul Film Festival, Which Human Rights Film festival and International Edirne Film Festival.

Organized free Turkish Language Meetings for 5 years  for more than 350 people who live in Istanbul to give a chance to practice their Turkish, with Turkish and international speakers.

Organized “Katadrom Turkish Movie Nights ”  and screened recent independent films from Turkey with English subtitles and brought together film makers and audience together after screenings for  Q&A sessions.   More than 1000 film lovers attended to the screenings.

Organized free workshops of photography, handcraft, cuisine, creative writing, mixed arts, Roman dance, short film making, dubbing, radio program making and more workshops to more than 500 international and national students and people in Istanbul.

Cine-Train Film Making For Educators (cinetrainproject.com)
International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival (icpsff.com)
Young European Film Forum for cultural diversity (yeff2015.eu)
Common Grounds from the Past (commongroundfromthepast.com) (young People with Turkish background who live in Europe)
Between war and peace – German-Turkish relationships then and today
Which Human Rights Film Festival (in corporation with ASK)
Documentarist ((in corporation with ASK)
Crime and Punishment Film Festival
Katadrom Turkish Language Meetings
Katadrom Turkish Movie Nights
Stranger – Creative Writing Workshop and Competition
Stranger – Photography Workshop and Competition
The New Cinema Movement Movie Screenings