“Filming Spaces” Documentary Workshop in Barcelona

Third session of the Cine-Train: Filmmaking for Educators workshops was held between 26-28 Jaunary 2015 in Barcelona at the Fàbrica Fabra i Coats (organized by our spanish partner Associació A Bao A Qu).

A Bao a Qu (Barcelona) developed a workshop on documentary film with the aim of transmitting methodologies to script, plan, shoot and edit documentary pieces, with special attention to the work of sound.
The workshop took place in a singular city location, the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory (http://fabraicoats.bcn.cat/en/).
So, as a space allows a rich and diverse cinematographic approach (whether experimental or narrative). Participants, in groups, created a documentary piece on this space.

Intense work days of the participants from Associació A Bao A Qu, Katadrom, Kyrnéa (Passeurs d’images), Moviemiento.

The phases of work were:

Screening and comment of documentary film excerpts which serve as reference and frame to the work we are about to start.

Introduction to the principles of work and its pedagogical and sensitive power.

Tour of the space we have to work about.

Ideation, script, photographic location and planning.

Introduction to the shooting equipment, and paying special attention to the handling and also to the cinematographic parameters.

Introduction to the shooting protocol.


Image and sound postproduction.

The workshop concluded with a joint screening, presentation and comment of all the pieces created by the participants.