Turkish Movie Nights with WRONG ROSARY

Watching and discussing the film and the cultural issues in it together with film experts and Armenian journalist
Event Date: 2012-11-04

Our Turkish Movie Nights are going to the next round and to a new place – this time a real theatre. The movie deals with a very interesting topic in Turkey; religion and culture: a muezzin, a nun to be and an Armenian bookseller who all have their stories connect and share lives in Istanbul.

“Uzak Ihtimal” or “Wrong Rosary” is an internationally award-winning Turkish drama film from 2009, directed by Mahmut Fazil Coskun. Check out the website for info and trailer etc.http://www.wrongrosary.com.

Festival organizer Basak Arslan and film maker Ümit Dogru, as well as Armenian journalist Sayat Tek will join the screening to talk about Turkish cinema and this specific film with the audience afterwards as well as about the various religious and cultural life in Istanbul.

We will screen the film on Sunday, the 4th of November at 8pm at Maya Sahnesi on the Istiklal. You can find the address and a map of this theatre under this link: http://www.mayasahnesi.com/iletisim

 Everyone interested in (Turkish) cinema and culture is very welcome to join the screening. The film will be shown in Turkish with English subtitles. The event is free of charge.

Summary of the film:

Wrong Rosary is the story of three people who live in Istanbul, Galata. A Muezzin who has just arrived to Istanbul from the country side, a young orphan girl who lives with the care of the church and who wants to be a nun and an old bouquiniste who is a native of Istanbul.

Wrong Rosary captures and reveals these deep and vivid sensations. The film follows a love story that could only take place in Istanbul or somewhere alike. 

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