Turkish Language Meeting – Conversation

Test and improve your Turkish through the conversation with others
Event Date: 2012-10-18

This is the first advanced Turkish language meeting. Due to the different levels the participants of the Turkish language meetings are in, we decided to open two groups. One is for beginners. In that meeting basic grammar and vocabulary questions will be discussed.

In the conversation meeting, people with a more advanced level on Turkish come together to speak with each other.

The topic of this meeting is: Turkish music. “Do you like it? What is different from the music you are used to? Which musicians do you like? What don’t you like?” etc. You can go as deep into the topic as your Turkish allows you. 

During the meeting we will talk about that topic but you will also have room to practice your Turkish with each other.

This meeting is open for foreigners as well as Turkish students. 

The first meeting will be on Thursday at 7pm at the KATADROM office. After that the meetings will regularly take place every second week on Wednesdays. 

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