Program: International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival

Istanbul Program
Event Date: 2013-05-17

The International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival’ will be held between the dates of 17thand 19th 2013 of May in İstanbul – Turkey and will continue between the dates of 24th and 26th of May in Madrid – Spain and Tallinn – Estonia

The Festival is an international one-weekend festival, held in three different countries in May, dealing with the topic of student exchange. The first festival weekend will be held in Istanbul and will therefore include invitations of the filmmakers and academic panel discussions on the topic of being a “stranger”. The following festival weekend –last weekend of May- will be held in Spain and Estonia.

The topic of the festival is “STRANGER – Changing Perspectives”

May 17 Friday

Katadrom Arts and Culture Association

19:00 Changing Perspectives (Marie Hartlieb, Carolin Winterholler – Turkey 2013)
19:30 Opening cocktail of the mixed art exhibition “Manipulation of Time”*

Kooperatif Art and Performance Hall

16:00 – 17:30 (Package 1) *
17:45 – 19:30 (Package 2) *

May 18 Saturday

Katadrom Arts and Culture Association

11:00 – 16:00 Exhibition of Manipulation of Time Mixed Art Exhibition
16:00 – 17:30 (Package 1) *
17:45 – 19:30 (Package 2) *

Kooperatif Art and Performance Hall

16:00 – 17:30 (Package 1) *
17:45 – 19:30 (Package 2) *

May 19 Sunday

Katadrom Arts and Culture Association13:00 – 14:30 (Package 1) *
15:00 Panel Discussion (Changing Experiences)
17:30 – 19:00 (Package 2) *

20:00 Closing Party  (BYOB)

Pusula Sanat Evi
16:00 – 17:30 (Package 1) *
17:45 – 19:30 (Package 2) *


Katadrom Arts and Culture Association
Nane Sok 12/4 Beyoğlu

Kooperatif Art and Performance Hall
Mahyacı Sok C 88-12

Pusula Sanat Evi
Papa Roncalli Sok. 118 A Harbiye – Şişli

*Package 1

Katadrom  2’.06’’
Where are we Going?  5’.35’’ (Panos Soundso)
Film Workshop 1 – PAO 2011  2’.24’’ (Pusit Sittapairoj)
Erasmus in Istanbul 3’.28’’ (Nicole Main)
Spirit of Erasmus  6’.33’’ (Collective )
Understand 1’.04’’ (Katrin Ann Orbeta, Vincenzo Valerio Merenda)
Make me beautiful 6’.23’’ (Petra Straus)
To Learn a Language tongues Must Touch 15’.16’’ (Evelyn Fey)
Brushing Teeth 7’.00’’ (Antonia Prochaska)
Sweet Erasmus 3’.16’’ (Collective)
90 Second Love Story 1’.53’’ (Georgaki Niki)
Sometimes On Sundays I Hoe 12’.23’’ (Christin Heiduk, Nil Dostoğlu, Alex Brugger, Markus Berger
Erasmus in Aarhus  3.53’ (Adrian Alvarez Gonzalez)
The Diary 1’.19’ (Miraç Atabey)
Bicycles  14’.13’’ (Anna Fernoux Marco, Tulio Garcia Martinez, Fabian Seiter)

**Package 2

Changing Perspectives 26’18” (Marie Hartlieb, Carolin Winterholler)
Tic Tac  00’.53’’ (Tania Nikolau)
Istanbul Trip 10’.50’’ (Haley Drozdowicz)
Do You Know Micha?  2’.51’’ (Micha Charlotte, Barban Dangerfield)
Couchsurfing  9’.38’’ (Iva Hromkova)
Foreign Exchange 9’.03’’ (Paul D. Hunt)
Happy Hormones 4’.16’’ (Floris Van den Abbeele)
ImagINK Istanbul  6’.57’’ (Marie Hartlieb)
Once upon a time in A Coruna 4’.06’’ (Agata Wasiewska)
My Trip to Turkey  19’.16’’
Goodbye İstanbul , 9’.29’’ (Antonia Prochaska)
Erasmus Life in 24h 7’.44’’ (Bernat Eguiluz, Maria Jou)
Balikesir Life. EVS Survival Guide 10’.24’’ (Tatyana Levitskaya)
Boring Sunday Rainy Sunday 03’.55’’
Erasmus Horsens  1’.19’’ (Benjamin Deligny) 


*Manipulation of Time Mixed Art Exhibition
Miguel  Carminati
Sarah Lecolle
Tatyana Levitskaya
Janetta Deppa
Lisa Bang


Film Details: 

Foreign Exchange (USA)
Paul D Hunt
2011, 9.03’

Jake, a struggling Spanish student, is distracted from his studies when the girl of his dreams passes by. He is determined to ask her out but there is one problem… she’s a foreign exchange student

Film Workshop 1 – PAO 2011 (Switzerland)
Pusit Sittapairoj
2011, 2.24’

A short film about an exchange student and her arriving at the camp. Shot and edited during the post arrival camp in october 2011.

Happy Hormones (Estonia)
Floris Van den Abbeele
2013, 4.16’

Once upon a Time in A Coruna (Spain)
Agata Wasiewska
2008, 4.06’

Erasmus in Istanbul (Turkey)
Nicole Main
2013, 3.28’

Former Erasmus student Nicole Main from Glasgow Caledonian University gives us a glimpse into her life as an Erasmus student in Istanbul.

ImagINK İstanbul (Turkey)
Marie Hartlieb
2012, 6.57’

Istanbul is a city with character, a women you long for, a man who frightens you, a child that dances innocently on the streets. We went around and asked people to describe their Istanbul, and a painter to draw its personality.

Couchsurfing ( Turkey)
Iva Hromkova
2011, 9.38’

Spirit of Erasmus (Estonia)
2008, 6.33’

To be a real Erasmus takes a lot.

İstanbul Trip (Turkey)
Haley Drozdowicz
2012, 10.50’

This is a video showing the highlights of our trip to Istanbul, Turkey. 8 exchange students living in Izmir flew up to Istanbul to learn and see the beauty the huge city has to offer.

My Trip to Turkey! (Italy)
2011, 19.16’

An Italian students’ mystic trip to Turkey

Brushing Teeths (Turkey)
Antonia Prochaska
2012, 7.00’

The real stuff happens in the bathroom. The fights, the love, the truth…

Güle Güle İstanbul (Turkey)
Antonia Prochaska
2012, 9.29’

Being a model, having a job that everyone wants. Makes you very lonely sometimes, “it’s my fucking life”, evaluated and defined by the outside.

Do You Know Micha? (Turkey)
Micha Charlotte
Barban Dangerfield
2012, 2.51’

Tic-Tac (Estonia)
Tania Nicolau
2009, 00.53’

This work was carried out in Estonia during the period of Erasmus. The challenge was to tell a story with beginning middle and end, with only one scene. The story wants to create doubt about the main character’s life and his social behavior. Dream or reality?”

90 Second Love Story (Portugal)
Georgaki Niki
2013, 1.53’

” 90″ Second Love Story” is a short film about two people on their Erasmus period that met in the city of Porto, Portugal, and fell in love. It was created as part of a project for the University of Porto, Faculdade de Letras.

Understand (Hungary)
Katrin Ann Orbeta
Vincenzo Valerio Merenda
2011, 1.04

Realized during The Erasmus study period held in Budapest, Hungary by Katrin Ann Orbeta and Vincenzo Valerio Merenda, the collaboration of Kristof Jurik.’

Make me Beautiful (Turkey)
Petra Straus
2011, 6.23’

My first video made. A school project in Erasmus period in Istanbul. Brings back sweet memories.

Sometimes On Sundays I Hoe (Turkey)
Christin Heiduk
Nil Dostoğlu
Alex Brugger
Markus Berger
2011, 12.23’

This short observational documentary was shot during an erasmus semester by Christin Heiduk, Nil Dostoğlu, Alex Brugger and me. It portraits both, the gardener Murat Uzun, who is working at “Pierre Loti”-cemetery in Eyüp/Istanbul and the grave yard itself.

To Learn a Language tongues Must Touch (Turkey)
Evelyn Fey
2012, 15.16’

During my semester abroad in Istanbul, I have made some very interesting observations and experiences in dealing with Turkish men and processed my confusion as well as the Turkish and my European friends…

Balikesir life. EVS survival guide (Turkey)
Tatyana Levitskaya
2012, 10.24’

Little documentary about life Balikesir of 3 EVS(european voluntary service) volunteers who just finished their 12 month project.

Bicycles (Germany)
Anna Fernoux Marco
Tulio Garcia Martinez
Fabian Seiter
2012, 14.13’

A short film about University students, wondering about the meaning of their existence. They will discover the importance of Little Things, in life as well as in art and creativity. Shot during our Erasmus year in Göttingen.

Sweet Erasmus (Germany) 
2011, 3.16’

Erasmus in Aarhus (Denmark)
Adrian Alvarez Gonzalez
2011, 3.53’

Erasmus Life in 24h (Ireland)
Bernat Eguiluz
Maria Jou
2011, 7.44’

Erasmus Horsens (Denmark) 
Benjamin Deligny
2013, 1.19

The movie is a mash up of approximately 1h50 min of many parties, visits, nice and funny moments of my Erasmus year.

The Diary (Estonia) 
Miraç Atabey
2012, 1.19

A Turkish exchange student experiences a new culture, Estonia.

Boring Sunday Rainy Sunday 

Istanbul – Mit anderen Augen –Changing Perspectives 
Marie Hartlieb
Carolin Winterholler
2013, 26,18’

Three young students from Germany decide to pack their bags to experience Istanbul for half a year as part of an exchange program. Their expectations of the culture, the city, the experience they are going to make differ, but in a similar way their horizons will be shaken by the new images, sounds and impressions they will live during six months in a culture that is different from their own and that they will somehow become part of.

Where are we going?
Panos Soundso
2012, 5,35’

Taxidrivers get orders, fulfill wishes of their customers and get paid for that. This is the yellow business. Taxis bring you where you need to be or want…


Film Stills:

we are very thankful to everyone who all supported the International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival.

Arif Laleci
Atonic  Project
Berk Büyükbalcı
Bora Yeter
Budak Akalın
Burak Kurtaran
Caro Winterholler
Emine Tarhan
Erdoğan Yalvaç
Fatih Pelister
Fatmanur Sarı
Görkem Özen
İlker Uğurlu
Kenan Özcan
Kooperatif Art and Percormance Hall
Laetitia Sadak
Listag Aile Grubu
Marie Hartlieb
Melanie Romat
Mert Sunteroğlu
Miguel  Carminati
Necati Sönmez
Özgür Yavuz
Pandelis Zafiris
Pusula Sanat Evi
Sevgi Mutlu
Sinaps İletişim
Şafak Velioğlu
Taluy Denizhan Pethuova
Yeşil Düşünce Derneği
Yusuf Bahar
Zümrüt Fotoğraf

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