ANIMATED IMAGES Workshop in Berlin

Last of the Cine-Train: Filmmaking for Educators workshops will be held between 10th-14th of May in Berlin, Germany.
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11/12/13th of May 2015 by Moviemiento e.V.


In the last stop of cinetrain Workshop for Educators, Alessandro, Benjamin and Amrei will give an insight into the world of animated images. Animation means looking at the world with a new pair of glasses, and see how easily stories can bloom out of everyday objects, different materials or simply changing the perspective.

The participants will experiment with different techniques as stop-motion, pixelation or the basics of digital animation. Besides, we will go through experiences and methods of running workshops and aim to stimulate an exchange of ideas with the participants.

We will have a look at all steps till the final animations. Focussing on the creation, with a glimpse on the pre- and post-production. We’ll discover different materials, and how the choice of a specific material can influence the animation and lead to unexpected results and solutions.

The participants will also learn the software basics, and how to handle multiple devices (cameras, smartphones, tablets), to be able to capture they animated stories in every context.

We ask you to bring a simple personal object to the workshop, which might describe/represent yourself somehow. We’ll see which stories it can tell us about you!


Benjamin Hohnheiser

Berlin based visual artist Benjamin Hohnheiser was born 1980 in South Germany. He studied Multimedia Arts at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Austria and at the University of Monterrey in Mexico. His work includes animation, illustration, stage projections and media installations and deals with the relation between media, space and perception, the combination of analog and digital media, and in particular their intersections.

Amrei Andrasch

is a german designer and animator based in Berlin. After finishing her Communication Design studies at the University of Applied Science Potsdam in 2011 she worked as a freelance designer for various film and photo projects, building small and big worlds as a Graphic Designer, Stop Motion Animator, Installation Artist & Set Designer.
In 2015 she founded the Tangible Graphics Studio ‘Keen On Mars’.

Alessandro Maggioni

is an italian visual designer based in Berlin.
After several years of collaborating with architecture, design and videography, he began to explore how to combine handmade media and digital technologies. Atelier Perelà is the space where he plays and experiments to create thrilling and charming worlds of adventure for both children and adults.


Directly at the edge of the river Spree, where the Berlin Party crowd used to dance until early morning hours to the sound of wild electronic beats, the housing project Spreefeld Berlin (SFB) has been established.
SFB is a building and housing association of currently 60 members, which builds three housing complexes with collaborative living areas at Köpenicker Straße 48/49. These living spaces will be used in horizontally as well as in vertically organized part-neighborhoods in 20 housing units. Furthermore, parts of the buildings on the ground floor should be used as business space for shops, handicraft or services with collaborative purposes and contents, which support the direct contact between Spreefeld and its surroundings.
To guarantee a sustainably budget-conscious and resource-saving process in and after the construction phase, all houses are planned as passive houses.
Two thirds of the cooperative property stay untilled and are reserved for public use, for example the boat house with a public terrace or the so called “Spreeacker”, which can be used for growing.
Spreefeld Berlin is a project which is initiated to support the community and solidarity for future residents and the closer surrounding, while acting economically and ecologically sustainable.

For more information, please visit their website

or read in english here

Bau- und Wohngenossenschaft Spreefeld Berlin eG
Köpenicker Straße 48-49
10179 Berlin

52.509276, 13.423710