Katadrom Roman Dance Workshop with Gülay Sütçü

Learn Roman Dance
Event Date: 2013-10-31

KATADROM will hold a Roman dance workshop for second time on Thursday 31th October at 18:00 at Katadrom’s Office. Gülay Sütcü that is the one of the most unique representatives of Roman dance will lead the workshop. It is open to exchange students who want to get an insight into Roman dance. The workshop is free of charge and there are eight places. Please apply with the form.


India’s former prime minister Indira Gandhi said that the story of the Roma was one of sorrow and suffering. But also one of triumph of the human spirit over misery. These words describe best the history and soul of the about 15 million Roma people that are spread all over the World.

Settling in all countries and cultures the Roma are exposed to all kinds of  aversion and discrimination. They though never lost their joy and spirit to celebrate, dance and sing. Over generation that has always been one of the features they were most famous for: their talent for music and dance.

The Roman dance figures, steps and music originate from northern India. But the music and dance was influenced  and also  influenced the dance and music style in the countries the Romas travelled.  One of the most known examples is flamenco which has its origin in the Roman dance. Also belly dance is in close relationship to the old Roman dances.

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