Free Italian Courses with Grazia Maiorana at Katadrom

Limited Space!
Event Date: 2014-02-26

Free Italian Courses with Grazia Maiorana, at Katadrom Arts&Culture and Social Politics Association

They say Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn. Do you agree? If you want to learn more about the great artistic Italian culture and musical language used in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Monaco, Malta, France (Corsica and Nice), Croatia and Albania here is an opportunity for you at the Katadrom’s office 19:00-20:30, every Wednesday. Please note that we have limited space and you should apply to


*Who is Grazia Maiorana

Grazia, after having graduated in Education and Teaching, has taken a professional master degree in Teaching Italian to foreigners at the University of Venice.
In Italy she has worked in the public sector dealing with Foreigners in the health care field. She also acted as director of a cultural association named Pandora, organizing for ten years italian language courses sponsored by the municipality of Bologna. She is currently managing a web page for linguistic and cultural exchanges, Il Sofà di Pandora.

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