Festival Exhibition Opening Gala

Zoom to the Extraordinariness, Exclude the Usualness
Event Date: 2014-05-23

Simit, Galata Bridge, ?ay, the Blue Mosque and that’s it?
Exchange students change your perspective and show the city different-eyed!

17:00 Festival Exhibition Opening Gala
With an opening drink, a lot of good mood and nice conversations with photographers of the exhibition

As a local you walk through the streets of your city like always and you don’t recognize the beautiful and special parts anymore. But to be new in a city means also to engage in discovery. Exchange students change their perspective when they take their camera to see and show the city different- eyed.

During the Festival weekend, exchange students will share their pictures of Istanbul with us. But these pictures are different: no typical tourism catalogue pictures! This exhibition shows the extraordinariness of Istanbul. The impressions and atmospheres the exchange students captured with their perspective towards Istanbul as strangers.

You can follow the exhibition during the festival weekend at Asmalı Sahne

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