Changing Perspective Short Film Festival is looking for Volunteers

To be volunteer at Changing Perspective Short Film Festival
Event Date: 2014-02-12

“Changing Perspective Short Film Festival” is looking for Volunteers

If you are an exchange student, international student, expat or university student in Istanbul.

If you have some time to help us forming an exchange short film festival program,

If you are interested in cinema and would like to have some experience,

To be volunteer at “Changing Perspective Short Film Festival” can be a great opportunity for you to learn about everything, from programming to marketing and PR at a film festival.

How to apply
Please write a short e-mail about your language skills, experience at the field of arts and culture and cinema events, and other skills (designing, computer, internet, social-media  etc.), your weekly schedule and send it to

Please note that it is a short take-away short film festival for exchange students and their exchange experiences. Apart from helping our association to form a brand new film festival volunteers are going to gain great work experience.
Volunteers are going to have internship or volunteer certificate needed
Experience in event coordination, film industry and more
Travel and food expenses

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