Catching Europe in Istanbul: Photography Contest!

The best photograph will be awarded a prize by the organizers
Event Date: 2012-05-09

Capture what reminds you of Europe in Istanbul and participate in an exhibition celebrating Europe Day.
Pictures (JPG format, min 2500 pixels) and captions should be sent before 14 April to both &


The Center for International and European Studies (CIES) is hosting a wide-ranging event to celebrate Europe Day on 9 May 2013. In partnership with the Katadrom Arts, Culture and Social Politics Association, the CIES is arranging a film screening titled “Changing Perspectives” consisting of two to three short movies showing the experiences of Erasmus students in Turkey and abroad. Following this session, the event includes two panel discussions. The first panel on “Unity in Diversity: European Identity through the Lens of Erasmus Students” will focus on Erasmus students and their experiences. The second panel on “Defining the Concept of European Citizenship” will involve a high level discussion with European and Turkish elites through the use of Google’s Hangouts technology. The CIES is partnering with the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey and the International Cooperation and Education Office at Kadir Has University to bring the aforementioned panel to fruition. Finally this event will signal the launch of the “Catching Europe in Istanbul” photography exhibit, in partnership with Katadrom and the Erasmus Student Network at Kadir Has University. The best photograph will be awarded a prize by the organizers.

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